The chef and owner Giuseppe Beretta offers a wide menu based on seawater fish and the result of years’ of experience and a daily and meticulous search for fish products coming mainly from the Mediterranean. Lovers of raw fish will find scampi, red prawns, Italian scallops, oysters, Venus clams and all the sliced raw fish and tartar generously provided by the sea. On the other hand, those who prefer cooked fish can indulge their whims with unusual and natural combinations that respect the delicate flavour of the fish. According to the season and the catch of the day, guests can enjoy umbrine, maigre, turbot, sea bass, dentex, dory and blue spotted bream. We grill the fish or bake it with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and Taggia olives or in a salt crust. Other specialities include our very delicate mixed fried fish and the Catalan style small European and common lobsters that can also be served as an excellent first course cooked with our special wheat germ pasta. The meat is carefully selected and has always been ripened for more than a month. We recommend guests savour our grilled Florentine steaks, rump steak, fillet and lamb chops.